Some of my earliest memories were of images magically forming under the red glow of my dad’s darkroom. I am a photographically based artist investigating themes of solitude, perception, memory, time, and our place within nature. 

I live and work, slowly and deliberately, in Brooklyn, NY.




•2001 BFA Photography, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY


Select Exhibitions, Publications, & Awards

•2019 Fotofilmic18 traveling exhibition, Vancouver, Seoul, San Francisco

•2018 August, Hariban Award 2018 Shortlist

•2018 Summer, New Psychadelics, Humble Arts Foundation

•2018 May, Negative Space II, Brooklyn Grain

•2018 Spring short list, Fotofilmic

•2018 Spring, Half Year vol. 4, Streit House Space

•2018 February, Shift, Light Leaked

•2017 August, Hariban Award 2017 Shortlist

•2017 August, Travel & Discovery, Light Leaked

•2017 July, The Hand Magazine, issue 17

•2017 May, Streit Lab Residency, instagram @streitlab

•2017 April, Fotofilmic Winter Shortlist Show, Pulp Gallery, Vancouver, BC

•2017 Spring, Shots Magazine, issue 135

•2016 Fall, America, Light Leaked

•2016 Summer, Shots Magazine, issue 132

•2016 July, Bad Taste, Lenscratch

•2016 Spring/Summer, Half Year vol. 3, Streit House Space

•2016 Spring short list, Fotofilmic ’16

•2016 Winter, This is It!, Streit House Space

•2015 Fall/Winter, Half Year vol. 2, Streit House Space

•2015 December, Tall Tales, Light Leaked/Canopy Collective, Cleveland, OH

•2015 Autumn, Shots Magazine, issue 129

•2015 Autumn, Only Human, Streit House Space

•2013 Spring, Shots Magazine, issue 119

•2012 Summer, Shots Magazine, issue 116

•2008 July/August, Blow Up, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA

•2008 May, Show and Sell, benefit auction, Chelsea Art Museum, NY, NY

•2007 Summer, Shots Magazine, issue 96

•2007 January, Fantasy and Fantasies, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO

•2004 May, “Spectra” Diesel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

•2003 June, Angst/Stream Rare Gallery, NY, NY

•1999 May, The World Journal of Post Factory Photography, Issue 3